RFI offers a service portfolio of comprehensive support solutions for clients within diverse security, economic, political & cultural contexts.

RFI is a premier facilitation & integration organization concerned with risk & crisis management, medical support, training services and resource management, with an objective to assist multi-national organizations to manage their operations in Africa, Middle East & Central Asia.

RFI operates regional offices in the USA, South Africa, Netherlands, Mauritius and Afghanistan, providing services and facilitation to a wide range of private and public sector organizations.

What We Do

RFI assists organisations to overcome the many strategic, management & operational challenges encountered in today’s fluid business climates.

With experience across all major industries – mining & energy, telecommunications, healthcare & medical, government & NGO, financial services,  security & defence – RFI creates a capability & capacity to deliver proactive, effective solutions.

Business Process

  • Engage
  • Assess
  • Report
  • Support
  • Implement