Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Crisis is defined by chaos – it is how you manage the chaos and recover that defines success.

With experience in many corporate and conflict settings, RFI is experienced in planning, implementing and supporting the most appropriate crisis framework for your organisation to maintain resiliency during the most chaotic of times. The majority of crisis plans do not hold up to the strain of a significant event, putting lives and livelihoods at extreme risk, therefore a well planned and tested system is vital for continuity, recovery and resiliency.

With an increased need for crisis planning and post-incident Duty of Care, RFI advises on all aspects of emergency preparedness through to incident management and recovery processes. This includes the management of assets, data, and most importantly, personnel during and after crises.

The support elements required to correctly manage a crisis are all-encompassed, enabling our clients to manage a single point of contact for end-to-end support for safety & security during the most stressful of times. Whether it be your people at risk, your assets at risk, or your business at risk – or all elements being affected simultaneously – a pre-defined solution is the most effective way to communicate and control the response and recovery processes.


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RFI is partnered with FocusPoint International Inc to present CAPTM – “Crisis Assistance Plus” – an industry leading travel assistance membership product that provides fully funded assistance for medical incidents and non-medical emergencies that impact or have the potential to impact Members during a period of travel. RFI also offers FocusPoint’s subscription based MyTracTM product, a location-based asset tracking solution that allows customers to track, locate, monitor and manage dispersed assets globally.

The 3 key benefits of CAPTM are:

  1. SinceCAPTM is not an insurance product or access program, there are no claims forms to complete or fees forassistance.
  2. Worldwide Assistance: Crisis consultants and medical specialists are capable of deployment in remote and/or high risk regions within 24hrs – globally.
  3. With or without a government declared state of emergency, the costs of our crisis response services are covered.